Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Heidi Jean!

Today is the 21st birthday of my niece, Heidi Hartle. Happy Birthday! I've been innundating her with messages today and wish I could see her. Of course, her elderly aunt is undoubtedly the last person she would want to celebrate with today. I'm trying to remember my own 21st birthday...I turned 21 during my year in Scotland, when it wasn't so exciting because the "legal age" was 18 there. But my friends then took me out for an evening of drinks, a movie (some weird Robin Williams & Beau Bridges movie in 1991), a Baskin & Robbin's ice cream cake, and somehow there are pictures of that night with me wearing a Burger King birthday crown...but I don't remember that part. I do remember missing my then serious boyfriend Peter, just as I miss my serious husband Peter now!

Thanks for indulging me on that trip down memory lane. I'm sure it was of interest to no one but myself (isn't that generally the truth about blogs?)

Other than memories I haven't much exciting new to report. I've been spending long hours writing Stata code and running analyses, interspersed with jogging and watching season one of "Heroes" -- anyone a fan of that? The wind in Rostock has been incredible. Sometimes when I'm outside I think I'm about to be blown over and I start shouting "Antie Em! Antie Em!" But luckily no flying monkeys have appeared to kidnap me.

I've also been reading a great memoir about Arvonne Fraser, who was a high-level appointee in the Carter administration, an original DFL'er from Minnesota, a global feminist activist, and married to Don Fraser, former congressman from Minnesota and former Minneapolis mayor. My mother-in-law sent it to me for Christmas and it's been extremely fun to read about a Minnesota farm girl who creates a career in international women's issues.... good pick, Sally!

Hope springtime is coming quickly to all of you buried under snow....
Love, M


Anonymous said...

The first thing to come to mind is a ditty: Sister, sister, beau-blister, banana-fana, mo-mister, fi, fie, fo-fister, Sister!!

Hi Michelle. Nice that you are taking care of your niece via the Internet. Heidi's now 21 and since I've heard nothing contrary, I'll say that "no news is good news." I worry about that Big 21st Birthday. Too much craziness, imo.

So, you're running, huh? I can't, just can't do that. My left knee promptly acts up in horrendous ways. But biking and dancing are excellent activities. I hope to do one or the other with you soon!

Hugs and Love, Susan

susanbudig said...

So Michelle, what do you think? Other people don't leave a message because they don't read this? Or because they're shy? Or because they can't type one-handed?

Your thoughts?