Wednesday, March 26, 2008

In Like a Lamb, Out Like a Lion

After a really mild winter (rainy, but often in the 50s), March has decided to go out like a lion. I awoke this morning to the most snow I've ever seen in Rostock...about 2 inches. It is covering the blooming trees (see picture). Just when I was hoping to take Peter on long seacoast bike rides when he comes in....9 more days! Not much else newsworthy here, except I head to Mannheim tomorrow morning for a conference. Sounds like I'll be going to Stockholm in June to give a talk at the university there, then I'm going to spend two weeks in Luxembourg as a visiting scholar working with the Luxembourg Income Study data. So if you're planning to visit, think May or July! (And HOPEFULLY winter will be over by's feeling like Minnesota around here...)

Cheerio, M


Anonymous said...

Hon, if it were feeling like Minnesota there, then it must feel like home. ;-)


Irene said...

Hey Michelle, what a beautiful picture! Here in Massachusetts, the snow is slowly melting, but it is supposed to snow again tonight and tomorrow, brrrr (don't know how that translates into English...).
I've spent last week with Bill in DC, where I very much enjoyed the spring weather, and admired the famous cherry blossoms. I also got visit the library of congress for a few days, it was great! It's like data collector's heaven =).

Should probably stop procrastinating on the internet and go to sleep. Tomorrow, we are each getting 120 paper drafts from our students in Jen's class... So it is going to be a lovely weekend.

Liebe GrĂ¼sse,

Jen said...

Whew. Looks like I left just in time!

Susan Budig said...

I guess sister is too busy with her Wisconsin-babe to write us a new blog.....